Our Projects

On behalf of the Austrian Development Agency ITH has established a school for tourism and hospitality management in the Kingdom of Bhutan. RITH, designed for around 100 students per year, is equipped with the most modern technology for energy efficiency, drinking water and sewage treatment as well as cutting edge equipment in the kitchen, restaurant and classrooms.

The 2-year diploma program prepares students theoretically and practically for the international tourism and hospitality industry.


Type of project School development project

containing curriculum development, teachers training, procurement of school equipment, establishment of a school management system and quality management system, integration into the national education system, assistance in technical matters, certification

Duration 2008 to 2016
Client Austrian Development Agency and Tourism Council Bhutan
Total project volume € 8 Mio
Status School is running, training hotel is opened, cooperation between RITH and ITH is ongoing 
Website http://www.rith.edu.bt/   Project evaluation report

The Tourism Schools Salzburg and the Russian British Institute of Management in Chelyabinsk jointly developed a curriculum for a tourism and hospitality diploma program according to the needs of the Russian industry. The 2-year program has an emphasis on practical training and on management subjects. Austrian experts monitor the quality of the program and send experts according to the needs of the Russian partners.
Every year representatives of the TSS are present during the exam period to ensure that students have the necessary qualifications for the national and international hospitality industry. Tourism Schools Salzburg issue a diploma that certificates the equivalency with the Austrian standard.

In 2016 RBIM has won a Russian wide competition with other tourism schools and became the representative of Russia at the World Skills 2017.

Type of project School development project (in the field of F&B education)

containing curriculum development, teachers training, procurement of special school equipment, assistance in technical matters, lecturer and students exchange, participation in final exams for quality assurance, certification

Duration since 2004 – ongoing
Client RBIM
Status Programs are running, cooperation between RIBM and Tourism Schools Salzburg is ongoing, RBIM students are regularly coming to Salzburg for internships, students from Salzburg visit RBIM
Website www.rbiu.ru

The International School of Tourism and Hotel Management in Kathmandu, Nepal is the oldest cooperation partner of the Tourism Schools Salzburg. Different vocational programs were developed and are conducted jointly.

Type of project School development project (in the field of F&B education)

containing curriculum development, teachers training, lecturer and students exchange, internships, certification

Duration since 2001 – ongoing
Client IST Nepal
Status Programs are running, permanent cooperation
Website https://istcollege.edu.np/

The Hongkong Institute of Vocational Education is the leading tourism education institute in Hongkong offering programs on vocational level as well as academic programs. TSS organize an annual study tour through Austria (Salzburg and Vienna) containing practical units (Austrian culinary arts) in the Bad Hofgastein branch.

Type of project Excursion/Field Trip, student exchange
Duration since 2013 – ongoing
Client VTC Hongkong
Website www.vtc.edu.hk

Depending on the specific situation, our clients can get support in various forms:

  • Field Trips for stakeholders
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Detailed concepts for tourism and hospitality schools
  • Teachers Training
  • CURRICULUM development
  • Tailor made industry TRAININGS in Austria or abroad

Feel free to send a request and we get in contact with you to talk about a possible cooperation.