The tourism industry is continuously growing. The UN World Tourism Organization argues that the business volume of the tourism industry has nearly surpassed any other industry and has become one of the main income generators for many countries (www.unwto.org). At the same time the quality requirement of tourists has risen as well. Qualified staff is becoming the key factor for success in the worldwide competition.

As a result, a growing number of destinations and tourism companies are investing in modern tourism education and human resource development. New tourism and hospitality schools are built, trainers are educated, modern curricula are developed.

Austria has a long tradition in tourism education and training. With almost 16% of the GDP generated through the tourism and hospitality industry (Travel & Tourism, Economic Impact 2017, Austria. World Travel and Tourism Council) Austrian tourism and hospitality companies are aware of the importance of trained and skilled staff. The Tourism Schools Salzburg are one of the main training centers within Austria and have a long tradition in cooperating with international governments, investors and national and international tourism and hospitality companies.

Tailor-made trainings

Tourism and hospitality is a service industry and as such harder to standardize. Destinations are different, tourism products are different, people are different – keeping the local charm is a must and important as a unique selling proposition. Developing trainings on international levels while keeping the local and regional flavour is our speciality.

All projects start with a need analysis

We usually start our school and training development projects based on in-depth analysis of the local/national tourism industry including workshops with important stakeholders like hoteliers, tour operators and decision makers who determine the future of a destination.
After 50+ years of international experience on all continents, we have the expertise to develop the perfect training for all individual needs.

Depending on the specific situation, our clients can get support in various forms.

All countries are looking for the best way to organize tourism and hospitality education to meet the needs of the industry.

Austria has many decades of experience to share.

We can organize field trips and excursions for decision makers of other countries that want to become clear about their future way of establishing a powerful education system for the tourism and hospitality industry. In such a field trip various topics are covered

  • Analysis and comparison of different tourism education systems
  • Visit of tourism and hospitality schools, tourism university programs
  • The success story of apprenticeship (visit of companies that employ apprentices, visit special schools for apprentices)
  • Discussion with entrepreneurs
  • Discussion with European tour operators and travel agents concerning the expectations of the typical tourist
  • Visit of the Salzburg Economic Chamber
  • Visit of interesting tourism destinations and outstanding hotels in Vienna, Venice, Munich, Switzerland, Germany) to get an overview of the latest developments of the industry

The duration of such excursions is between 4 days and 2 weeks. Normally we organize the whole trip within Europe, including accommodation and all meetings, seminars and presentations.

A Feasibility study is needed as soon as the idea of establishing a new tourism or hospitality school is born. It helps to become clear about basic facts like the educational needs of the market, the optimum integration of a school into the educational system of a country as well as the financial aspects that have to be considered.
In a Feasibility study we provide solid information about the situation of the tourism industry, the developments of the future and the effects that can be expected on the workforce.

Therefor we do desk research as well as we hold intensive workshops with stakeholders in the region.

A Feasibility Study gives clear orientation about

  • What type of tourism school is needed in a specific country/region
  • What courses should be offered (content, duration, certificates, number of students)
  • What special areas the curricula have to cover
  • How a program can be integrated into the educational system of a country
  • What is the best organizational structure
  • What hardware and equipment is needed (including training kitchen, training restaurant, training hotel or mock-up rooms)
  • What costs can be expected (initial investment and running cost)
  • Assistance in the tender process of infrastructure and equipment

We provide all the information that is needed to take the right decisions!

If an existing tourism or hospitality school is reorganized or a new school is established we take over responsibility to guarantee the best output for the tourism industry of a country or region and provide certificates that have international reputation.

We take care for

  • Assistance in the tender process of buildings and equipment
  • A perfect organizational structure (school management)
  • Well trained teachers
  • Modern curricula
  • A good quality management system
  • Certification due to fulfilment of quality goals

Our partners get tailor made tourism and hospitality school concepts on all qualification levels.

Teachers are the most important resource for each school. In the tourism and hospitality industry that is very dynamic, teachers have to have knowledge about the latest techniques of the industry as well as about modern training methods.

We offer tailor made training for teachers in the fields of

  • Pedagogy and didactics (how to teach, media to use, technology, how to hold exams, documentation of progress, individual training concept development)
  • Industry knowledge (hospitality management, destination management, F&B management, eTourism, modern school management)

We offer teachers training programs in Austria and abroad. It is also possible that teachers visit Austria and Austrian schools and get training in their home countries afterwards.

The tourism industry is very dynamic. To keep relevant for the industries schools have to update their curriculum regularly. Each tourism region is different so we cannot update a curriculum without the contribution from local stakeholders. We provide

  • Input concerning the international standards in a certain area
  • Management in the redesign process
  • Workshops with local stakeholders to meet the regional requirements
  • Issue certificates with international reputation as soon as quality criteria are met

The tourism and hospitality industry needs professional know how. Depending on the region and the client structure specific competencies are needed.

We provide tailor made seminars and courses that can be conducted in Austria and abroad in any field of expertise relevant for the tourism industry.

If a training is held in Austria outstanding tourism companies and destinations can be introduced and experienced. The typical components of a tailor made industry training are

  • Workshop with client for detailed needs assessment and concept development
  • Organization of training
  • Recruitment of adequate lecturers and trainers
  • Issue of certificates that ensure international credibility

Feel free to send a request and we get in contact with you to talk about a possible cooperation.

Depending on the specific situation, our clients can get support in various forms:

  • Field Trips for stakeholders
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Detailed concepts for tourism and hospitality schools
  • Teachers Training
  • CURRICULUM development
  • Tailor made industry TRAININGS in Austria or abroad

Feel free to send a request and we get in contact with you to talk about a possible cooperation.