Our mission

Our mission

The Tourism Schools Salzburg are vocational schools with an outstanding international reputation and a long tradition. They train future entrepreneurs and employees according to the needs of the international tourism and leisure industry. The Tourism Schools Salzburg were established by businesses for businesses. The road is a common one. Only through an active school community of students, school boards, teachers, parents and staff can the objectives of the mission statement be realized.

Our mission

The values of the Tourism Schools Salzburg and the school board – the Salzburg Economic Chamber – are respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law and respect for human rights. These values are common to all States in societies characterized by pluralism, tolerance, justice, solidarity, non discrimination, and equality between women and men.

We are state-accredited private schools with public status. We are committed to achievement and a quality-oriented education and we distinguish ourselves in all areas through quality. We make use of the creative freedom of a private institution.

We think and act European and international. We offer, in the framework of our training areas, education and culture for young people from around the world. Our graduates are employed on all continents. We promote pan-European and global opportunities for cooperation in education and projects and actively support the mobility and exchange of our teachers and students.

We are part of the Salzburg and the Austrian tourism industry. We manage our own hospitality businesses and constantly work together with companies in order to train student graduates as professional future entrepreneurs and employees. We develop and implement, in close cooperation with businesses, forward-looking curricula for a diverse, high-quality education. Our teachers are distinguished through their practical experience, by special authenticity and credibility.

We train our students to be productive, professional and socially responsible entrepreneurs and employees. We therefore demand and support entrepreneurial, sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible thinking and provide distinctive communication skills together with a high competence in foreign languages.

We feel committed to the tradition of Austrian hospitality and culture, which enjoys an excellent international reputation.

We are constantly striving for improvement, thereby securing our capabilities and strengthening the business locations of Salzburg and Austria. We use our freedom as private schools to ensure innovation in all areas of training.

We encourage and support, together with our school and graduate communities, the national and international careers of our graduates, who are important ambassadors of Austrian hospitality.