Erasmus+ excursion to Málaga

Sportlerehrung 2023
17. Mai 2023
Sport- und Kulturwoche Lignano
1. Juni 2023

Erasmus+ excursion to Málaga

The „International Language“ class 3TB visited Málaga from the 17 to 22 April 2023. During this time the class experienced a „Business Camp“ and activities with some students from the school „Santa María De Los Ángeles“.

The school „Santa María De Los Ángeles“ was located near the students’ accommodation and easily accessible by bus.

On the first day of the week some ice breaker activities and a presentation about the history and culture of Málaga were organized by Klessheim’s partner school. The following days the students worked together in teams on presentations which compared Austrian and Spanish culture, music, tourism, etc. On the last day the students enjoyed a „city hunt“ which the students of the Spanish school had planned and organized themselves. They got grouped and were given clues to which famous sight they had to go to next. In the end they were rewarded with churros at a local café.

During their business camp the students had to create promotional videos for a bike rental shop. In order to create good videos, they went on a bike tour to the most famous places in Málaga. After collecting the video material, they edited the video and prepared for its launch. On the last day of the trip the students presented their video-production to the business owner of the bike rental shop. The results were great, and the business owner was impressed by the video.

The whole trip was sponsored by Erasmus+ and organized by Mrs. Edwards-Zapf. So in the end the students were grateful for a memorable experience.

Text by: Felix Schwaiger and Sebastian Reich

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