Cambridge 2012

The story behind a week full of awesomeness. "How was Cambridge?" - That was the question we were asked most ...

"How was Cambridge?" - That was the question we were asked most after we came back from our project week. For all of you who haven't heard about it yet, here's our answer.

On Saturday, May 5, we started from our school at 05:00 and arrived in Cambridge at about 12:00 after hours and hours of a very exhausting journey. After a short orientation walk through the city, we were welcomed by our host families, who made us feel comfortable and at home.

On the following day, we were picked up by the bus and we went to London, where we saw the Globe Theatre, and Madame Tussaud's, and went shopping on Oxford Street. On Monday we got our bikes for the week and found out how to get to our school. Then we explored the city of Cambridge, first on a guided walking tour with an official Cambridge guide and then on our own. Later we went bowling in the leisure centre, one of the many things we did in the evenings, along with going to the cinema, playing snooker, and seeing a musical. Throughout our project week, we went to school in the morning and had field work in the afternoon. During field work we had to do a survey for our projects, the topics of which ranged from "Armed Forces" to "Music" to "Tourism". On Thursday we went punting during the lunch break, which was a lot of fun, and most of us managed to stay dry. On Friday we had our presentations. After we finished, we went to Evensong in King's College.

On Saturday morning we all gathered at the train station and handed back our bicycles. We had a long bus ride which was followed by another flight and another bus ride to Salzburg. We arrived at 22:00 at the same place we started our journey.

We really enjoyed the week in Cambridge. We can really recommend going there for yourself, because it's a really interesting, friendly city with so many fascinating sights. If you have any more questions about our trip, don't feel shy about asking one of us.

Text by Lucas Shong, Maximilian Schnabl and Alexandra Valentin
Dr. Christian Lutsch, English teacher

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